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The Blue Lagoon

Relaxing at the Blue Lagoon  At kuku Campers, we’re all about helping you experience everything  amazing that Iceland has to offer, both urban and rural. In this article,  you’ll be hopping on your Kuku camper van and heading about 40  minutes southwest from Reykjavík to the most relaxing place on earth -  The Blue Lagoon!.   
Now we know what you may be thinking. “I came here to explore waterfalls and climb  mountains - why would I want to float around in a lagoon?”  My friend, when you experience what it’s like to soak for hours in one of the most  comfortably heated pools in the world, you will never want to leave!   
Plus, you probably didn’t know this because no where on the internet will you find this  fact except here on Kuku Campers, but did you know the Blue Lagoon in Iceland has  more Google reviews than the Great Wall of China? See for yourself here: 
Blue Lagoon google reviews.​ At 14,033 reviews, and a 4.5 star rating 
Great Wall of China reviews.​ At 12,232 reviews, and a 4.2 star rating 
Our guess is that tourists would rather enjoy themselves by soaking up the mineral  rich water than hike a wall where thousands of slaves died building something that  didn’t keep the bad guys out any way!    
Okay, you’re curious now - what is the Blue Lagoon? 
The Blue Lagoon is a large body of geothermal seawater rich with minerals that is  naturally heated by the volcanic landscape it sits on. The water temperature  consistently stays heated at over 100 degrees, so it’s like soaking in the world's largest  hot tub.   
Why do so many people visit the Blue lagoon? 
These heated waters have many powers to offer for those who soak in them. A few  benefits to relaxing in the Blue Lagoon are:    Nurtures your skin  Because the waters are seawater, they contain high levels of silica - a substance that  our bodies love and need to be healthy. In fact silica is so important to ensuring healthy skin nurturing, that it is sold in body lotions and packets in processed, less  organic ways. At the Blue Lagoon, these waters offer natural silicone that settles at  the bottom of the waters, and can be used by guests to rub on their face and bodies.     
Relaxing for your bones 
Because the water is heated to a comfortable temperature of 100 degrees, it allows  people with aching bones or joint discomfort to relieve their tension and loosen up  any hurting nerves.   If you are an avid hiker and explorer, chances are you may suffer from back pains,  knee pains or other joint pains from time to time. If so, you need to kick back in the  Blue Lagoon for a couple of hours or more (you really won’t want to leave after you’ve  soaked in the water for a few minutes).     
Soothing for your brain 
This is especially true for explorers who are traveling from other countries to Iceland.  Leading up to your vacation, you have been stressing out about plane tickets,  packing the right clothes, having enough in your budget - the list goes on. Now that  you’re here in Iceland, it’s time to let those anxious emotions slide off. You’re here to  rejuvenate - so don’t waste any time!     
What you can expect during your visit 
Before arriving, be sure you book your visit online first. You can do so by visiting the  Blue Lagoons website at The Blue Lagoon offers many different  amenities. Many tourists choose to ride the bus there, but you can easily drive there  from Reykjavík in your Kuku Camper Van within 40 minutes.   
Arrival and checking in 
When you arrive, you’ll check in at the front desk with a receptionist where you’ll have  the option to pay for extra items such as swimwear (in case you forgot yours at home)  bath towel, robe, flip flops, etc.   
You’ll be given a cool bracelet that securely clips onto your wrist. You’ll need to keep  this bracelet on you at all times during your stay. After checking in, you can go to the  locker and shower rooms. In order to provide a safe hygienic experience, the facility  does ask each person to shower without a bathing suit using one of the many private shower stalls available before entering the lagoon waters. Body wash and shampoo  are provided without any extra cost to you.   
Once you’ve showered and dressed in your bathing suite, you can go and step out  into the lagoon waters and began to wash away those worries and aches! 
While in the waters, there are a number of extra items you can enjoy. You can pay to  have a special massage right in the lagoons waters, or you can also step away to the  sauna for a bit.     
Stationed along side the pool, you’ll find little wooden boxes with facial mask and  body cream to apply. This helps add more nutrition to your skin, and after you’ve let  it sit for 20 minutes, you can rinse it off, leaving your skin with a smooth feel!   
Everything about the Blue lagoon is about making you feel comfortable without you  ever having to leave the water. That’s why they also offer a wet bar in the water where  you can swim up and order a beer to enjoy. Remember the bracelet you checked in  with? You can use that to scan at the bar every time you purchase a beer. It acts as a  convenient tab that you can easily pay for later when you check out.     
When you’re ready to call it a day, you’ll check out at the front desk, turn your  bracelet in and pay for any accrued purchases. If you’re hungry and have loads of  extra cash, and want to enjoy some contemporary Icelandic food before heading out,  you can stop at the Moss Restaurant (their food is amazing, but be warned, it comes with a price!) Or if you’d settle for just a  good authentic cup of Icelandic coffee, you can stop at the Blue Lagoon Cafe.

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