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Cancellation Policy

Did you make a reservation on our fantastic website?

If you wish to cancel before your rental pick-up time, you must send us an email to bookings@kukucampers.is at least two weeks prior to your pickup time. Once cancelled, we will credit you within approximately 14 business days.

However, there is € 100 cancellation fee, for cancelling at least 14 days before your pickup.

If you decide to cancel the reservation 14 days of your pickup time you will be billed for the full rental.

*** please email us for new COVID-19 cancellation policy***

Did you make a reservation with a travel agent or online booking agent?

The travel agency or online booking agent “owns” any reservation you originally crested with them, so their reservation cancelation processes and policies apply.

Reservation within 14 days before Arrival

Note that if you make a reservation within 14 days before your arrival you have no chance to cancel it and get a refund so before booking make sure that you are coming and need that car.

No Show policy

In case of no show, the lessee can consider his reservation has canceled. Therefore, the same policy as cancelation applies. No refund will be given in case of a no show.

Payment policy

We accept payments by credit card. We normally charge full price at booking but if you prefer to give only a deposit, we require 25% minimum. If you would like this option please check the box on the payment page of your booking process. You can also pay the remaining amount by cash on arrival. If you prefer that please create also a comment with your reservation asking if that's possible.