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Andre Canicos
1 months ago
David Perez Fernández
2 months ago
Everything was perfect, from the beginning to the end. I wish I can go in the summer, I would repeat without any doubt.
Dimitris Z
2 months ago
Very nice experience. Not using the typical rental company policies. By that I mean that they don't charge you for other drivers beside the main one, they don't apply a daily mile coverage limit. The staff is very friendly, even in the winter season the shuttle service worked perfectly. On our departure date they had another shuttle service planned for 5 people and since we were 5 as well we couldn't fit in the same van. Therefore they offered us to drop the car at the airport which was much more convenient for us. Also the last 2 days while we finished driving the whole circle of the country the AC heating stopped working(NOT THE SLEAPING HEATING, which is different system) which was a bit unpleasant while driving. After mentioning it to the company, they offered us of course to bring the car by them, but we did not want to miss any time by bringing the care to the shop of KUKU and decided to explore the capital. After dropping the car at the airport we sent an email to them to confirm the spot we left the car and to thank them about their services and the van life experience. WITHOUT CLAIMING anything in our mail, ANYTHING, KUKU decided to reply in a very professional way and to refund us the amount of some extras we paid due to the heating problem we had. I travel and rent cars in most of my trips and never ever did I encounter something like that. Normally I always have to complain and demand my money back for a bad service or faulty car issues and not the opposite. I definitely recommend KUKU CAMPERS to anyone who wants to have a van life experience in Iceland.
2 months ago
Erik Szedely
2 months ago
Awesome service, perfect and comfortable campervan (we got a good sleep inside even in November with outdoor temperatures below 0) for a good price. If you choose KuKu, you will have an awesome holiday in Iceland :)
Julien Laum
2 months ago
2 months ago
For being a vw T3 user since 2003, I think tat that kukukamper is a really great and interesting kind of vanlife concept. Very good prices at low season. Very helpfull and kind team. Thanks to Louise and Hugo for such help and kindness. We rent a Master for 2 people and we had lot of space and confort thanks to the webasto heater even if outside temperatures were negative all nights long.
That greek guy (John Giannelis)
2 months ago
Excellent communication and service. Made our road trip unforgettable!
Baiq Tantu
2 months ago
Kuku camper is the best! Their camper van is in a really good condition & clean. The customer service is excellent, Marek who picked us up from the airport was really nice & very helpful, pick up and return process were easy and fast.
I’ll tell all my friends to rent camper van from Kuku.


Robin Hood with KuKu Campers

We see it every day in our office when KuKu advenutrers are returnig their campervan how much fun they have had during the Iceland campervan trip.  We do apreciate any good words in our guestbook and not to mention when we have a piece of art drawn in it.

Fede, Lore, Gabo, Franco and Ivan, thanks a million for demonstrating your trip this way.

Robin hood x KuKu Campers

Romain and Aileen France 2019

Romain and Aileen put themselves in the fins of the puffin birds in Iceland - and apparently they do NOT like the tourists.

Romain and Aileen France 2019