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Victor Lomb
this month
The crew is really good, thanks to louise we really enjoy the trip !
Karine R
this month
Fantastic experience !!! very helpful and very kind staff.
Wonderful adventure to discover Iceland, a wonderful and fascinating island. I rented a 4X4 camper car for the first time and it was very convenient to discover all corners of the island.
the KUKUCAMPER team is really courteous and kind and will help you as much as possible.
Caroline Urberger
1 months ago
We had a great experience with KUKU campers ! The camper van we took was just perfect (don't forget to take the heating system for the nights), we had no problems overall. One of the staff member was really helpful with the whole reservation :D I will definitly recommend Kukucampers!
1 months ago
Great experience all over!
We had a week in a Kúkú camper and it was all satisfactory and more. All the necessities are included in the van (we had the Renault Trafic) and for this season (17-23 of April) it was perfect to travel around the Ringroad sight and not freeze during the night.
For some reason on the second day or central locking stopped working and the customer service at Kúkú was very helpful in meeting us on our scheduled road and swapping the van for a new one.
Thank you very much and see you soon!
Ashleigh Papp
1 months ago
Everything about KuKu was awesome! They picked us up from the airport first thing in the morning and already had our van running and preheating in the KuKu parking lot. And when all of the roads were closed due to a winter storm passing through, they let us hang out while we waited for things to clear up.
They were super knowledgeable about routes and sights to see, and we had a blast. Great van with all the basic amenities!
1 months ago
Couldn’t speak more highly of their campers and customer service!
Monika Jackova
1 months ago
Very nice helpful staff, the car was clean with great basic equipment. We drove the whole island, we experienced a snowstorm, rain and sun and we had absolutely no problem, I can only recommend! We will definitely use KuKu's services when we return :)
Andrew Burleson
1 months ago
We just had the most wonderful trip thanks to the folks at KuKu campers. Our van was so comfy, cozy, fun, and had everything that we needed to enjoy our trip around Iceland in March! It was also fantastic - the 4x4 helped me feel really confident on some of the snowier and more challenging roads we encountered! Joan was also SO helpful in getting us prepared for the trip around the island, and we're so grateful for her help and guidance :)
Jessica Allen
2 months ago
There is only one way that we'll ever travel in Iceland, and it's in a Kuku camper. The service is impeccable. Months before we arrived, Kuku campers employees were answering our questions over email. The vehicle (an EA campervan) was well maintained, brand new, and totally organized. On the day of our arrival, the staff was kind, thoughtful, and extremely helpful. They set us UP! Highly recommend this company. Look nowhere else.


Robin Hood with KuKu Campers

We see it every day in our office when KuKu advenutrers are returnig their campervan how much fun they have had during the Iceland campervan trip.  We do apreciate any good words in our guestbook and not to mention when we have a piece of art drawn in it.

Fede, Lore, Gabo, Franco and Ivan, thanks a million for demonstrating your trip this way.

Robin hood x KuKu Campers

Romain and Aileen France 2019

Romain and Aileen put themselves in the fins of the puffin birds in Iceland - and apparently they do NOT like the tourists.

Romain and Aileen France 2019