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this month
Kuku Campers is the best rental company on the island. Super friendly and helpful staff, fully equipped vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Iceland by camper van
Johanna Failmayer
this month
Danni Efraim
this month
I rented a Mitsubishi Pajero campervan for taking a photography trip around Iceland in February 2020. It was the perfect way to get around! I could keep my itinerary flexible and be where I needed to be in response to changing conditions, and I had a great time in my little campervan. The people at Kuku were incredibly friendly and helpful, and kept me up to date with important information both before and during my stay (including warnings about an upcoming storm). The car itself worked like a charm.

I'm very satisfied and I'll very likely be back and rent a campervan from Kuku again!
Anne-Sophie Penasse
this month
We had such a great time with our KúKú Camper! An awesome way to travel around iceland. We really enjoyed it. The staff was really friendly and helpfull. We will be back :)
Alexandra Baiao
this month
Gaetan D
this month
Super séjour avec KuKuCampers en FÉVRIER !
Je marque l’importance de ce mois car nous avons eu des températures positives (6 degrés) et des négatives (-10/-15 degrés) et c’était parfait.
Le chauffage d’appoint permet de tenir la nuit à condition de ne pas le laisser au maximum, le duvet de location est top mais un peux juste. Prévoyez de dormir avec un autre duvet dedans en dessous de -10 😜.
Pour nous c’était le Trafic équipe comme il faut, pneus à clous.
Séjours inoubliables ! 5 jours et toutes les météos du monde, neige, glace, pluie et beau temps.
Attention au camping ils ne sont pas tous ouverts !
Visez Selfoss Camp au sud 😬
yoann briend
this month
Beautiful trip thank to kuku ! The van was cosy and convenient!
Robert Schuler
this month
Marielle Lopez
this month
We loved our experience with KuKu Campers. We were upgraded to an Automatic Kangoo Maxi (similar to a Docia Docker) upon arrival which was easier to drive with. Also, we got free winter sleeping bags, pillows and blankets from a website promotion. Everything went smoothly, the staff were really kind and friendly. They were very attentive to our questions, told us all the rules and were really generous with helping us out. We'll definitely come back and rent with them again, it was the best roadtrip ever through Iceland, the most unreal landscapes and seeing the Northern Lights. Rent a campervan and rent with KuKu, its more affordable than other companies, they really care about you and you will have so much freedom exploring this amazing country! (Also, to address reviews about insurance, I personally think its more about about being informed and reading or listening carefully to the warnings and the contract with KuKu. Like for example, get the gravel insurance because its safer anyway, its just an additional 10 euros a day, split into how many you are, and it saves you from the risk of paying 500 euros. Nothing happened to our camper fortunately and we don't regret paying the extra fee to be insured especially in the winter season.) Overall, hands down 5 star experience.