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Makayla Spencer
3 months ago
Very friendly staff! They kindly accommodated us with a shuttle to an AirBnB in Keflavik on our way home. The website chat was very helpful before and during our trip and they were quick and responsive. The van was very clean and had an assortment of basic tools. We had no mechanical issues with our vehicle. We rented a handful of add-ons and were glad to have the sleeping bags. Only one night inland was VERY cold and we had ice inside the van, but other than that we were fine without a heater in the first couple weeks of September. We were able to cook good meals at most campsites, most of which had small basic kitchens and water heaters for coffee, oatmeal, etc. In busier months, I could see how renting an additional gas stove would be helpful, as the kitchens are often busy. We got by fine without a WiFi router - we bought SIM cards for our unlocked phones at the airport and that was very helpful. Gas for the van was surprisingly efficient. We traveled ~1100km and I think we only used 1.5 tank.

TLDR: very happy with KuKu and very good vibes here!
Richard Strozynski
3 months ago
Since the last time I visited Iceland right in the midst of COVID at the beginning of 2021, prices of hotels and guesthouses went through the roof.
A campervan is an affordable alternative to spending your future kid's college fund for a 12 m² appartment with a shared bathroom ten days in a row.
Campervans also add a certain flexibility for your itinerary, as there's a campground a quick Google's search and a little detour away almost anywhere.

KuKu campers is a very well organized company; communication beforehand, pick up, introduction, handover of the van and dropoff were smooth sailing. We got lucky and didn't need any further assistance, but it seemed, as if they'd be of great help in that case as well.
We chose the most affordable option and that's what we got, a no frills Romanian tank with embedded kitchen and bedroom. But apart from some height related issues for person's 195 cm and up, everything was pretty great. Sure, you bump into the wooden kitchen bench a couple of times, but everything's manageable.
And if your comfort needs are a little higher, KuKu has you covered with larger and more comfortable van options.

I can't exactly compare them to other rentals, but compared to other people's cost and what they got, KuKu seemed to be a bargain and pretty much bang for the buck - highly recommended!
Ophélie Bilouet
3 months ago
2 weeks in Iceland with a Kuku campervan, such a great experience !
Even if we have a little trouble with the freeze, the team does its best to help and solve it !
Well equiped, extra equipements available, good advice, we don’t regret our choice to travel with Kuku camper !
Takk !
3 months ago
Awesome crew, super friendly and easy to deal with. Great campervan with everything needed. You help in making this trip memorable. I will come back and definitely go with Kukucampers again!
Julian Baresi
5 months ago
Amazing experience, will definitely come back to Iceland and rent again with KukuCampers. Great staff specially Pilar and Pablo!
Robert Balan
7 months ago
Very nice team, professional, good cars!
Special thanks to Dani!
Kayla Loureiro
7 months ago
Service was amazing, very helpful and accommodating! Loved our van, came with all the necessities for our travels around Iceland! Wouldn’t recommend purchasing the camping card though, a lot of places do not take them!
7 months ago
We loved everything about our campervan and had a great experience. In particular, we didn’t want to drive around a big sprinter van and were really impressed with the SUV campers offered. It was just what we needed for the 2 of us, and we got exactly what was on the tin. The company was also extremely responsive and helpful. Would recommend to any friend traveling to Iceland!
Jurek Skarżyński
7 months ago
We’ve had a veeeery pleasant time in Iceland. Partly because of how good the camper and the overall customer service at Kuku Campers was. We’d been picked up from the guesthouse where we’ve spent our first night and since then all went super smooth. We’ve had multiple bad expiriences while renting cars abroad before, but not this time. All good, couldn’t ask for more. Thanks!