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Here you have a sample of the reviews and kudos we got over the years – and we keep ‘em coming. Tell us how KuKu you were!

Ahmed Souidan
2 months ago
Great place with a very great staff. We had an amazing time with the car driving by the south coast. It was a renault kangaroo and it was fully equipped.
Altan Cabal
2 months ago
Andrew Levite
this month
We had a wonderful trip and the KuKu Campers van made everything so easy. Plenty of room. The staff were very very helpful and flexible. Can’t recommend it enough.
Linna Taing
1 months ago
Super happy having rent a camper van with Kuku! We got advices and recommandations, and we grew attached to our van after this 2 weeks trip in our van
Tricia Swanson
1 months ago
Caro Poli Palazzo
1 months ago
Very confortable camper, with good heating system for the cold Icelandic nights. Friendly staff, very reactive when we had an issue, they helped us and solved it quickly.
Arun Mehra
2 months ago
Friendly staff, clean equipment, slight problem with the van's gearbox but they took care of us!
guillaume chatard
1 months ago
Michelle VanDerWeij
2 months ago
Kuku Campers have been awesome in terms of their service, professionalism, and courtesy! Jane from Kuku Campers provided us with helpful tips, maps, and online websites which helped us immensely on our trip. Would definitely recommend Kuku Campers for anyone travelling to Iceland.