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Kuku's summer video contest 2022

To make things even more fun we frequently organise summer contests.

They consist in making up to a 1 minute long video of your trip, showing the incredible landscapes of Iceland, the KuKu campervan, and your sexy butt.

Try to make it fun and entertaining, we watch every single video, and upload them on YouTube.

When we have all the videos from all participants at the end of September 2022, we choose our favorite ones.

1st price is a 50% REFUND on your rental!!!

Send nudes if you want to know 2nd and 3rd prices...

Other awesome videos

Other awesome videos

Want to see your video on our amazing KukuTube?

If you had a trip with Kuku and made a video of your adventures, we'd be glad to share it on this page. So reveal your inner filmmaker and make a video that will kick our ass ass!

What, you don’t have any video yet?

If you don’t have such a thing, it’s probably because you never came to Iceland. If it’s the case, close this window, turn off your computer, and start to think about your life.

After 10 mins of deep introspection, come back and book your campervan right here.

You don’t want to be on the KukuTube?

What’s wrong with you?! Even Chuck Norris wanted to be in the KukuTube, but it would have been so popular it would have made YouTube disappear, making thousands of people losing their job. We thought it was better not to do it.

Anyway, it's now time to share your sexy adventures with the world!!

For that, just send us your video to booking@kukucampers.is, or just a YouTube link (even better), we take care of the rest. :)