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Places to visit

Places to visit

Places to visit in Iceland?

Iceland is quickly becoming one of the most popular countries to visit in the world, and it’s no secret as to why. Apart from being one of the most accepting countries of other people, Iceland is also known for its awesome views and scenic adventures.   

The small country actually boasts a wealth of fantastic mountain tops and volcanoes, incredible glaciers with underground palaces, as well breathtaking beaches and towns. 

So if you’ve been on the fence about visiting Iceland, or are ready, packed and you’re reading this blog on your way there, then here’s a list of the top 5 places to visit while you’re in Iceland!

1. Þingvellir - Oldest Parliament in the universe

An ancient city that dates back nearly 1,100 years, clear back to the viking era, this  Iceland national park is rich with history and ancient landmarks. The first  parliament was formed here, and was carried on for many years before it  dispersed.   

One aspect that makes this place so unique is the exotic land formation and  terrain, which consists of scattered rock formations and mild canyons that cover  the beautiful lush landscape.   

One popular canyon to visit is the Almannagjá Canyon - a canyon resembling  more of a deep trench stretching miles and miles for you to explore.     

2. Vatnajökull National Park - Iceland’s Largest National Park 

Before visiting this part of Iceland, you may think about bring a second pair of  socks - this park will blow the ones you have OFF.  Vatnajökull covers miles and miles of beautiful glaciers and volcanic mountains,  making the picturesque views look something of that from a magical story book,  or popular movie!   

There are a few ways you can experience this place in its fullness:   

Traveling under the glaciers​ 

You may have been abducted by aliens and flown  to another galaxy for probing, but we promise you - exploring miles underneath an icey glacier is an event truly out of this world! 

You will find yourself surrounded with natural stained glass ceilings of colorful  ice, creating a majestic sense of awe and ​ W O W!   

Hiking volcanoes

Grab your camera and set journey to the tops of past erupted  volcanoes, where fiery lava once spewed into the icey lakes below. You will be  amazed by the breathtaking views of waterfalls and lush landscapes that wrap  around you, and we recommend that for this journey, you don’t forget the most  important tool of all - your selfie stick!   

Riding the ice ​

hop on a snowmobile and ride across the frozen glacier lagoons  that have built up over time, creating a cool place for birds to catch their fish  and icebergs to float a long on their merry way!   

3. Sail to the Westman Islands

These cluster of islands were formed from underwater volcanoes, some as early  as the 1960’s, and offer distinctive vegetation and greenery, making it a haven for  smaller animals of all types, especially birds.  The cozy little town of Vestmannaeyjabær sits on the coast, and offers many  opportunities for becoming acquainted with the islands history and background.  You can easily board a sailboat for a fee at the Herjólfur Ferry Terminal, and get  a first hand view of the island coastlines and beaches.   

4. Travel the Reykjanesfólkvangur Preserve

This is a very popular tourist destination, and when you come to visit the  preserve, you’ll understand why! 

You’ll find many human-made trails easy for hiking (for those who enjoy a  comfortable walk vs a challenging hike) where you can enjoy breathing in the  crisp Iceland air and soaking in the eye-grabbing views.     

You can also rent a bicycle and ride your way through the green grasslands  along the coastlines and winding through the rolling hills.   With all the activities you’ll find in this preserve, you can also visit the natural hot  springs that bellow puffs of steam clouds, creating an intriguing phenomenon  comparable to none other! 

5. Visit the city life in Hafnarfjörður

Yes, Iceland is a wonderful place to experience mother nature in a way you never  have, but it’s equally rewarding to see for yourself all the wonderful aspects that  bring our people together and make us pretty cool to hang out with, and there’s  no better place to do that then in Kuku campers hometown of Hafnarfjörður!    

Where to even start when it comes to all you can do is difficult, but here are a few  of the many things you’ll enjoy in the city: 

Eating at the Pallet Coffee Company​

If you are looking for a place to satisfy  your curiosity for Iceland's best in food and drink, then look no further! When I  can, I personally love to order the fresh baked biscuits and jam, followed by an  authentic cup of coffee to help me add some perk to my day, and you will enjoy  the same! 

You will have the opportunity to try different types of beers, coffees, breakfast  morsels and lunch items, and if you like, you can enjoy your delicacies in the cozy  reading corner, where you will find comfortable couches and chairs to sit on!   

Guided Hidden World​

Oh yes indeed - elves are as real as you and me! This 2  hour guided tour will take you through the legends and stories of the elflord that  resided in homes of rocks and boulders, ruling the coastlines and staying hidden  from humans. 

Whether you believe the legends or not, this is in fact a fun way to see more of the  town, ask questions and rub shoulders with other people!   

Attend the Viking Festival​ -

If you are so fortunate enough to have your stay in  Iceland during the month of June, then attending our annual Viking Festival is a  must! Travel back in time to a thousand years ago when the vikings ruled the  lands with their helmets of horns and their roasted pigs! 

Seriously though, with as much food and drink as you can take, folk music and  dancing, you will never feel more close to being an Icelander than at the Viking  Festival!