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Northern lights

Northern lights


Many of our customers are asking where and how to spot the Northern Lights from your Camper van. What you essentially need is a cold night with a clear sky. Northern lights are only visible during the winter months and can be seen as from the late August through April. The best months would be the coldest therefore you would like to aim for November through February to increase your chances.

Another factor for spotting Aurora Borealis is light polution. When you are situated inside a town or a city the lights from the city will take away your chances of spotting the northern lights. Therefore you want to get into the dark and away from the crowds.

Best place to see northern lights in our opinion is Möðrudalur. It's located in the north east of the country. This small farm is the highest farm in elevation throughout Iceland. With no light pollution, a camp site open all year round and fairly accurate Northern Lights forecasts this is a place you want to place on your bucket list.

Don't wait, book your trip to Iceland this winter to check the Northern Lights!! Unique experience guarantee.