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Winter Adventure with KuKu 

Yes you can for sure have a truly fantastic adventure during winter camping trip with KuKu Campers.  You do not have to give any discount on comfort as our campers do have overnight heater so you can be really comfy even though outside you have a blizzard.  The road conditions are gernerally pretty good as our amazing roard service guys keep the main roads open all year round.  You can easily take the full circle on road 1 during the winter.  Just remember to check the weather forcast, the road conditions and also ask around at the campsites and all of the information centers where the staff welcomes you with warm coffee and something interesting to see. 

There are more than enough campsites open all year round and also most of our fabulus warm water swimming pools all around the country.  You only have to remember that during mid winter the daylight is a bit limited so you must take that into consideration when planning how much you intend to cover each day.

All our campervans are ecquipped for winter drivng with studded tires and of course our all around the county road side assistance is open all year round.

A glimpse of winter camping

Winter conditions on gravel roads