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Melrakki Adventures

Melrakki draws it's name from one of the oldest written word for the arctic fox in Icelandic, coming from the words melur (gravel plain) and rakki (dog). 

Melrakki operates out of Öræfasveit, carefully selected as a home base due to the diverse lancscape of the area, by the companies founders Katerina and Oddur. Two certified glacier guides who love hiking and have a passion for sharing unique experiences with their customers. Thus they focus on small groups experiences (max 8 persons in a group) and caring for their clients.

Tours are limited to 8 persons per group, which allows us to maximize the time the time we spend hiking on the glacier. It also means an easier, faster, and more personal experience.

And as we at Kuku Campers care for our customers as well...

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Melrakki Adventures


Skaftafell Terminal Tour Center

Flugvallarvegur 5

785 Öræfi

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  • Melrakki Adventures
  • Melrakki Adventures
  • Melrakki Adventures
  • Melrakki Adventures