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Elding whale watching

Elding has been offering whale watching tours from Reykajvik for over two decades. They are complete experts at spotting whales and telling you about their behavior and habitat. The most common whale species you can expect to encounter in Iceland are minke whales, humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises. Occasionally you will see other species for example killer whales and fin whales, though they are not as common. In summer the whales are most abundant, giving you a great chance to see them in their natural environment. Still there are plenty of whales around Iceland in the wintertime as well.

Elding offers whale watching tours year-round in Akureyri and Reykjavík, and during "puffin season" from May 1sst until August 15th they offer puffin tours as well out of Reykjavík. 

The whale watching boats offer a heated indoor lounge with big windows and an outdoor area. If you are feeling chilly on the day, you can borrow warm overalls and blankets for your trip. And for the puffin tours they offer raincoats and binoculars (so you are sure to see the pretty puffin). 

KuKu customers receive 15% discount of classic whale watching, classic puffin and northern lights tours by using promotion code online: KUKUCAMPERS 

Or by showing the KuKu keychain at Elding ticket office old harbor Reykajvik (or the ticket office with their sister company; Akureyri whale watching in Akureyri).

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    Ps. if you do not see a whale on your whale watching tour in Reykjavík and are heading north - Elding will give you a voucher you can use for a whale watching trip in Akureyri - and vice versa!! 


    Address and meeting point in Reykajvik: 

    Elding whale watching

    Ægisgarður 5 - Ticket office

    101 Reykjavik old harbour

    tel. (354) 519 5000

    Address and meeting point in Akureyri - next to Hof cultural centre:

    Akureyri whale watching

    Oddeyrarbót 2

    600 Akureyri

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    • Elding whale watching
    • Elding whale watching
    • Elding whale watching
    • Elding whale watching