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Dive.is was founded in 1997 to provide sport diving education to the population of Reykjavik. Soon they began taking local and visiting divers to Silfra - their favorite dive site near Reykajvik. Soon Silfra became an internationally renowned dive site. 

The rift between the plates was formed in an earthquake in 1789 accompanying the divergent movement of the two tectonic plates, the water itself is filtered through a porous underground lava for 30-100 years before reaching the spring that feeds into Silfra. Thus the water is extremely pure with underwater visibility of over 100 meters. The glacial meltwater remains very cold in Silfra, but as fresh water is constantly filling the fissure, the water never freezes and remains 2°C – 4°C year round. 

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Hólmaslóð 2 - 101 Reykjavík

Take note: most trips are meet on location - you can also book a pikcup in Reykajvik

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