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Drives 2 people and sleeps 2 people inside

This is probably the most easy and affordable way to experience Icelandic nature. We find the capable 4x4 Jimny suitable for 2 adults and it can take you basically wherever you want, and with the rooftent you can sleep at your favorite spot each time. The Jimny Does what it does quite brilliantly.

The roof tent is very easy to open and absolutely watertight. Condensation water protection, heat + cold insulating, also retractable in wet condition. Two entrances with eaves. Aluminium ladder with anti-slip system and adjustable height. Mattress with pillow. 25 mm insulation under the mattress. The tent is very roomy with bed size 210 cm X 130 cm.

-4X4 vehicle model 2015-2017
-Automatic transmission
-High quality roof tent
-Unlimited mileage

- Camping kit included: 

Kitchen: Gas stove, cookery set (pot & frying pan), dishes, bowls and glasses, cuttlery, cutting board & knife. Cleaning: Kitchen brush, Soap, Tea towel

Camper van and car rental, authorized by the Icelandic Tourist Board and Road administration
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