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I Camper

Subaru Forester 4x4 or similar
Automatic transmission
NO Heater



The I Camper is a 4x4 Subaru Forester which has automatic transmission. It drives all roads in Iceland including F – roads (click here for exceptions) with average PETROL consumption of 9ltr/100km. It drives and sleeps 2 people, mattress size is 200cm L x 130cm W. The camper offers you the freedom to sight-see and visit the places you are interested in on your own schedule as well as visit the famous highlands. You can camp it nearly at any campsite which gives you a deep experience of Iceland. Perfect for people which prefer to drive automatic.

    Inside car tips

          ♥ Height from the car mattress to roof: 68cm 
Height from floor to roof: 128cm

This campervan includes:

  • Extra driver
  • Gas Stove
  • Cooking and Eating Tools
  • Cleaning Tools and Soap
  • Mattress
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • CDW Insurance
  • Fuel Discount
  • The KuKu Frisbee

All taxes & fees are included in the total cost


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I Camper



  • I Camper
  • I Camper
  • I Camper
  • I Camper
  • I Camper
  • I Camper
  • I Camper

What's included?


We have added several basic necessities for you – a gas cooking stove, cooking utensils, plates, and cutleries. So, you don’t have to carry your own kitchen or tableware. For the cleanliness-conscious, we also offer basic cleaning supplies, such as soap and sponges. 

Please note that none of our campers include blankets / sleeping bags or pillows, these come as extras, which you can check here

We offer unlimited mileage for every rental, so travel at your leisure. Our camper vans also come with CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and fuel discounts. As a bonus, we have included the Kuku frisbee for a bit of fun. We have a number of extra services that you may choose to opt for. Check out our additional services here.

Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do to make your Icelandic holiday a memorable one.

Category I camper van - Subaru Forester 4×4 with automatic transmission or similar

Why should you spend an exorbitant amount of money on a holiday when holidays are supposed to be enjoyable and not a rip off! That’s why we at Kúkú Campers offer you travel and lodging packages that will cost you a fraction of the cost of expensive hotels and tourist services.

Our fantastic camper vans give you a place that you can stay in, sleep in, and even travel in. That’s right! With our campervans like the Subaru Forester 4×4 camper, you can have the holiday of a lifetime while saving on your hard-earned money.

The Kuku Campers’ campervan also allows you to take your holiday at your own leisure, and fill your days with the best of Iceland.

Why choose Subaru Forester 4×4 campervan

Imagine not having to move out of your comfortable mobile home and yet getting to see everything that you wish to see and visit the places that you want to visit. When you hire a Subaru Forester 4×4 rental, you can stay home 24 hours a day and still explore Iceland.

Drive across the country or simply drive around the ring road, camp in any of the several campsites in Iceland, visit the hot springs, glaciers, and waterfalls, and make the most of your trip in Iceland from the comfort of your very own campervan.

Subaru Forester campers with automatic transmission

There are several campervan hiring companies in Iceland, but nobody cares as we do. Kúkú Campers cares about making your holiday the best ever holiday. That’s why we ensure you get the best of the best camping car.

Iceland’s roads can be described as slippery, rough, rugged, gravelly, muddy – depending on the season and weather conditions during your visit. The Subaru Forester 4×4 camper with automatic transmission makes driving across Iceland’s roads a joy.

Even the slushiest and muddiest roads – the slipperiest and the steepest roads – are a pleasure to drive in this 4×4 wheel drive vehicle. Go anywhere in Iceland, and our faithful Subaru Forester camper will give you its best performance (provide you treat it well).

Subaru Forester 4×4 campers for two people

Subaru Forester is designed to treat two occupants extremely comfortable. So, if you are a couple, two besties, or even two strangers – you both will be delighted in this vehicle that seats and sleeps two. But to make you more comfortable, Kúkú Campers equips this camper with everything you need to keep you from stepping out in the cold (except when you need to visit the bathroom).

We provide you with a stove, cooking utensils, crockery, and enough fuel to drive around until you almost run out of it. Then, we highly recommend that you don’t put off filling up the tank if you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of “in the middle of nowhere,” you will find a lot of isolated places in Iceland – but you are always safe in a KúKú Campers’ campervan. Besides, Iceland is pretty crime-free, so you can be doubly sure that you will be safe.

While this camper doesn't come equipped with a shower or toilets, you shouldn't worry about it since wild camping in Iceland is forbidden, you will have access to showers, toilets in almost all campsites. 

To help you know more about campsites, our staff created an amazing map that we keep updated often enough to allow our Kuku friends to make the most of their road trip by easily finding their night spot thanks to it. 

You can check it right here : Iceland campsites map