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With the standard rental fee, the campers come with a Collision Damage Waiver insurance. With the CDW insurance the lessee is liable for damages up to 3000 Euros.

For those who want to buy complementary insurances we offer three other options:

  1. The Super Collision Damage Waiver (20 Euros per day): covers the lessee in case of damages on the car or accident. It reduces its personal risk from 3000 Euros to 750 Euros.
  2. The Gravel Protection (10 Euros per day): the lessee is insured for any damages caused by rocks thrown on to the car which might damage the windshield and headlights. By getting this insurance the lessee reduces his self-risk from 500€ to 0€.
  3. The Sand and Ash Protection (10 Euros per day): the lessee will be covered against possible damages caused by sand and/or ash storms. These kind of storms can cause considerable damages to the whole car including the paint, windows and lights. With this insurance, the lessee will only be liable of 750€ in case of damages. Without it, the lessee will have to pay the price of the repairing costs

We offer the Golden Package for those who wants to be extra safe at a price of 35€ per day.

It includes:

  • SCDW insurance
  • Gravel Protection
  • Sand and Ash Protection

Exceptions – What the insurance does not cover:

  1. Reckless driving – speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Driving on F-roads including roads 35 and 550 voids insurance policy. (A, AA, B, C and CA categories are for paved roads only. AB and AA NEW category can additionally drive normal gravel roads. If your car is found on F-roads you will be fined 500€). Only D, E, F and G categories are insured on F-roads except road F-88, F-210, F-249.
  3. Undercarriage damage is not covered. If you drive over a big rock, check especially for oil leakage, and let us know how severe the damage is. (unchecked small problems can become major ones).
  4. Rivers – Only D, E, F and G categories can cross rivers. Damage caused by river crossing is not covered.
  5. Damage due to the wind catching the doors.
  6. Flat tires – It’s the lessee’s responsibility to change the tire, find a workshop and get the flat tire fixed.

Other things KúKú Campers wants you to be aware of:

  1. Sheep – Be careful! – They are unpredictable beings and behave illogically.
    • Damages to the farmer can cost 500€ per sheep. (Ouch...)
  2. Cleaning the car on the inside is your job. If you don´t, we will charge you 50€ for: A-AA-AB-D and G campers and 100€ for: B-C-CA and E campers and the staff will party with it!
  3. Kilometers - Free mileage for you, KúKú friend!
  4. Brakes. When going down long hills, down shift and use the engine to slow the car down. Automatic vehicles not concerned.
  5. Speed limits – Highway 90 km p/h, Towns 50 km p/h, Gravel roads 60 km p/h. Speed cameras! (have really low tolerance) Note that you will be charged 50€ processing fee if you get a fine!
  6. We do recommend you stay at camping sites during your stay in Iceland. Wild camping is illegal.
    Check www.inspiredbyiceland.com/
  7. Extras – unreturned or broken extras are subject to charges, take care of our stuff please.
  8. Respect nature, she is our favorite

!!! BATTERY !!! remember to ALWAYS turn lights off when car is off - unplug chargers from cigarette lighters, and go easy on radio use when engine is not running. Flat batteries happen faster than we think and roadside assistance is at lessee's cost.