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C EX Campervan

Experienced Renault Master or similar
Manual transmission
With Heater



The C EX Campervan is a Renault Master with manual transmission. These campers are more EXperienced and have therefore more mileage, so it gives you the chance to explore Iceland at the lowest possible cost. These KúKú pioneers are cheaper but just as reliable. Indeed, they drive paved and smooth gravel roads with average DIESEL consumption of 10ltr/100km. They drive 5 and sleep 5 as it has bunk beds. The upper bed size is 200cm L x 160cm W and the lower one size is 200cm L x 180 cm W and can be turned into sitting and dining section. C Campervan is ideal for a group of friends or a family.
                                    Additional comfort gives its standing height and more space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Inside car tips

♥ Height from mattress to mattress: 90cm                     ♥ Height from floor to roof: 188cm
♥ Height from top mattress to roof: 40cm                      ♥ Height of the trunk: 36cm
♥ Height of benches with storage: 35cm                        ♥ Length of the trunk: 173cm
♥ Length of benches with storage: 132cm                      ♥ Width of the trunk: 52cm
♥ Width of benches with storage: 47cm                          

This campervan includes:

  • Extra driver
  • Gas Stove
  • Cooking and Eating Tools
  • Cleaning Tools and Soap
  • Mattress
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • CDW Insurance
  • Fuel Discount
  • Cooler and Running Water*
  • Overnight Heater
  • The KuKu Frisbee

All taxes & fees are included in the total cost


Fun Fact : Grass looks greener when you look from the inside of this camper!

*Running water not available from the end of October - beginning of April due to possibility of subzero temperatures

C EX Campervan



  • C EX Campervan
  • C EX Campervan
  • C EX Campervan
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  • C EX Campervan

What's included ?


We have added several basic necessities for you – a gas cooking stove, cooking utensils, plates, and cutleries. So, you don’t have to carry your own kitchen or tableware. For the cleanliness-conscious, we also offer basic cleaning supplies, such as soap and sponges. All our vans are equipped with an additional overnight heater and cooler. We wouldn’t want you to get dehydrated, so we provide running water during the summer months.

This camper is ideal for a a great road trip even during winter time since it is equipped with an overnight heater and a convertible seating area, meaning no need to get out of your cozyness to prepare some food or eat in a dining area at the campsite!

Please note that none of our campers include blankets / sleeping bags or pillows, these come as extras, which you can check here

We offer unlimited mileage for every rental, so travel at your leisure. Our camper vans also come with CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and fuel discounts. As a bonus, we have included the Kuku frisbee for a bit of fun. We have a number of extra services that you may choose to opt for. Check out our additional services here.

Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do to make your Icelandic holiday a memorable one.

The Renault Master with heater and manual transmission

Looking for an economical way to travel across Iceland? The manual transmission Renault Master is the perfect camper and van for you and your family. It gets you to all the scenic places across the country and can be used as accommodation, and, therefore, called a campervan.

Let’s do the math: camper+van = campervan.

KuKu Campers aims to offer you the best service and have equipped each of our campers with all the essentials to make your journey a mind-blowing adventure! Each vehicle also has several useful in-built features. So, even if you decide to stay on and spend a bit longer than anticipated, you are all set for your extended holiday.

As Icelanders ourselves – here’s a little secret to making your holiday super successful – don’t hurry through the country. Move across the country at a snail’s pace. Or if you prefer – enjoy Iceland just as you would enjoy an aged scotch or an expensive wine – take the time to see it – its rich colors; smell it, swirl it around (in your mind, not around your tongue), and then absorb its full flavors before gulping it down.

Why choose the Renault Master?

Whether you choose to travel Iceland at a snail’s pace or enjoy it like a bottle of wine, the Renault Master is the perfect vehicle to do it. Its powerful engine makes it perfect for traveling over different kinds of terrain, including gravel, dirt, and paved roads. The Master uses diesel and is a very fuel-efficient van, consuming roughly 10 liters per 100 kilometers.

As a result, it is the perfect choice for longer trips. We fill all our camper vans with a full tank of gas on the day you pick it up. Use it as much as you want – we’d appreciate you refill the tank when you bring it back too.

Our campervans are exteriorly decorated with exciting graffiti that match the interiors that have awesome layouts, because a comfortable interior means an enjoyable driving experience for you and your family.
We know how it is with most families – you love your time together, but there will be a time when you just want your own space. You and your family or friends can enjoy a smooth ride around the country in this van without feeling boxed in – with enough and more space for yourselves.

Need some music to go with the scenery outside? The vehicle is equipped with an audio system and a USB charging port.
You will find the heating system is a big boon even in summer when Iceland can still shock you with how cold it can get. The heating system works on an external battery, meaning that for about 3 hours of driving, the battery is charged for about 8 hours of heating.

Our camper vans have been set up to accommodate five with two snuggly and inviting beds which vary slightly in size. The upper bunk is 200cm L x 160cm W, and the lower bunk is 200cm L x 180cm W. One too many bunkbeds around? Simply convert the lower bunk into a seating and dining area to host a romantic dinner or an unforgettable party for your group.

Are you one of those very tall people? Worried about developing a backache from staying stooped inside all the time? When it comes to standing or sleeping space – or even space to just lounge around, this campervan has room for you. Yes – even room for tall people to stand comfortably, and if you are small enough, the van is spacious and tall enough for yoga, stretches, and jumping jacks too!

While this camper doesn't come equipped with a shower or toilets, you shouldn't worry about it since wild camping in Iceland is forbidden, you will have access to showers, toilets in almost all campsites. 

To help you know more about campsites, our staff created an amazing map that we keep updated often enough to allow our Kuku friends to make the most of their road trip by easily finding their night spot thanks to it. 

You can check it right here : Iceland campsites map