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Our KúKú campers are the perfect cheap solution to travel around Iceland.You don´t need to look any further, we offer more categories than any other camper van rental in Iceland.  It might sound like a strange idea to fit sleeping persons in some of our cars, but you will be surprised how roomy they feel. Our mattresses have been specially selected by a physical trainer (that´s not really true, but it sounds really good).

Many of our customers prefer to use the KúKú motorhomes in the city, don´t worry, Iceland is completely crime free, hence you can stop and relax anywhere.

Our cars have different names and styles. For an example you might be lucky and receive our George Michael KúKú, or even the Eric Cartman KúKú. We will surprise you once you are here.

Due to extreme cold to be encountered during the winter time we are forced to remove the water tanks form the campers who has one.  This is from mid October to end of March.

Please note that in some instances you may get similar camper if the exact model is not available.  The interior will always be the same.


Included in KuKu Campers:

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