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Guide for vik vik

Guide for vik vik

Vik, a small fishing town located on the south shore of Iceland,  is an utterly beautiful place to visit. With its gorgeous ocean  views and iconic black sand beaches, there is plenty to  do and see in Vik to help you get in touch with nature- as well  as interact with the town! 

Here’s a guide of some things to see and do during your stay in the charming town of Vik.   

Black Sand Beach 

Reynisfjara is considered the premier black sand beach in all of Iceland! With its iconic  basalt columns and crashing waves, the beach makes for quite the spectacle. Even  better, it’s only about a 15 minute walk from Vik! You can always go and visit the beach on  your own, but there are various trip packages you can order while you’re in town. For  example, you can rent horses and ride on horseback down to the shore for about $100  dollars. There are also day trips that revolve around touring the various beaches of the  south coast, including Reynisfjara, but of course, that depends on  what you want to do with your day.   
Beware of the weather if you go down to the beach, though. Winds are particularly  strong, and waves can suddenly grow to massive sizes before crashing into the shore, so  the Icelandic government advises you to not turn your back on the shore, and keep a  distance of about 100 feet from the shore at all times.

Icelandic Lava Show 

Located in the heart of Vik, the Icelandic Lava show offers you the one-of-a-kind experience of seeing lava up close. For a $40 dollar, 45 minute show, you get to watch  lava flow, hear it sizzle, and learn about volcanoes. You may even get the chance to touch  cooling lava! A Q&A session is held at the end of the show, and true stories of escaping  lava flows are told, making the experience both exhilarating and educational. Truly a  unique experience not offered  anywhere else, this is a must-see if you’re in Vik, and it’s pretty cheap, too.   

Vik Church 

If you’re planning on hitting the black sand beach of Reynisfjara, you don’t want to miss  heading up the hill to check out the church of Vik. This quaint little church has an  absolutely stunning vantage point over the beach, as well as over the town of Vik itself. It  is a great spot to stop for pictures and soak in your surroundings.  In a similar vein, the mountain known as Reynisfjall also borders the beach, and offers  gorgeous views of its own. About 1000 feet tall at its highest point, the mountain gets you  a  closer look at Reynisdrangar, a pair of enormous basalt stacks that used to be connected  to the mountain. Along with the beach of Reynisfjara, these stacks are one of the most  popular sites in all of Iceland.   


This is an enormous rock overlooking the beach, some ways up the road from Vik. It is  said that the first settler of Iceland, Hjorleifur Hrodmarsson, died on this very rock, and  his remains are buried on top of it in pagan ritualistic fashion. The rock has also been  used in the past a farming site high above the ocean, and you can visit the old farmstead  that still stands on the rock to this day. You can visit the viking grave and farmstead while  you’re there, and the hike is not too strenuous to get there. On top of that, you get views  of the surrounding beaches, glaciers, and basalt columns that only Iceland can offer.   

Skaftfellingur Museum 

A boating museum located in Vik, it displays a 100-year-old ship while giving the history  of naval navigation and boating by the Icelandic people. The full ship is on display, which  was in operation from 1918 to 1974. Its engine and working parts are displayed and described in great detail. Beyond this, you can also read up on the 112 marine accidents-  shipwrecks- that have occurred on the South Icelandic shore over the years. 

Voyages Friendship Statue 

Recommended for a 30-minute trip to the city center, this statue represents the burying  of the hatchet between two fishing rivals, Iceland and the United Kingdom. The  cod-fishing wars that took place between these two nations were eased through  economic partnership and understanding. Its sister statue, which it faces, is across the  sea in the city of Hull, in East Yorkshire, England.   

Solheimasandur Plane Wreck 

The wreckage of a plane crash can be found along a black sand beach Westward of Vik,  up the Ring Road. It may take some time to get the wreckage site, as you cannot drive  along the black sand, but it is well worth it for some interesting history as well as unique  views. The wreckage of the plane along the pristine black sand is an odd juxtaposition,  and one that you won’t get to see anywhere else. The plane itself crashed at this site in  the 1990’s, and while no one was killed in the crash, the wreckage was never cleared. You  can walk right up to it, and even climb on top of it.  So that’s our list of things to do in Vik! You can find more information about day trips and  tours through the various trip packages offered by the city. Offers include waterfall tours,  day hikes, and much more.   

Happy travels!