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Camping advices

Camping advices

Guide to Road Tripping in Iceland

So - you’ve set a date for your trip to Iceland. You’ve got all  your items packed and you’re ready to book car rental and an  Airbnb for your stay. Now what?  

Now - we recommend you dump a bucket of ice water on your head, check your  pulse, and pinch yourself a thousand times to make sure you’re awake, because the  only way to successfully experience everything that Iceland has to offer is by road  tripping it Kuku Camper Style!   

Ditch the Airbnb and car rental agencies - to conduct an Icleandic road trip right,  you’re going to need the Marley-mobile or Chillen in the Dillon van. Because here at  kuku Campers, road tripping isn’t about seeing places - it’s about experiencing them!   

Many visitors to Iceland book their Kuku Camper Van and then wonder where to go  from there. If all you have for your road trip is a torn up map that you can’t make  sense of, never fear - this guide to road tripping in Iceland will have you graduating  to Road Trip Wizard in no time!   

In this blog post, there are a few things we’ll address for you,  from best campsites to park for the night, the best routes to  take and what to expect while driving in Iceland.   

So buckle your seat belt (this is a law in Iceland) and blast the music baby (this is a  law in Kuku Campers) and let’s rock this guide!   

Popular Routes to take  Iceland has no shortage of beautiful roads to travel, each one taking you to a wide  variety of amazing outdoor places. Depending on what you have an appetite for, you  have a couple of options that we recommend at least starting with:   

Golden Circle - ​Less driving, focuses on key attractions 

Ring Road - ​More driving, see everything in Iceland! 

 Golden Circle Route​ 


This route will take about 3.5 hours to drive, but we  promise you, you won’t be driving the whole time! Packed into this scenic road are  several attractions to visit, including Þingvellir National Park, Geysir Geothermal Area  and Gullfoss waterfall. We could write a whole blog article on each of these places alone, but we’ll keep it  short for now. Basically, if you want to see waterfalls, glaciers, ice caves and scuba  dive, all within the same day, then this route was made for you!   

Ring Road Route

So you have more time to hangout with us in Iceland, more  like a whole week? Maybe you’ve just gotten married and you and your spouse want  to go crazy and soak in everything there is about Iceland?  Then the Ring Road (officially called Route 1) is the road for you and your Kuku  Camper Van!   

Without stopping, it would take you about 12-13 hours to drive the entire road,  depending on how good the weather is - snowy conditions may cause delays.  This route will take you all throughout the north, east, south and west parts of  Iceland, where you can visit multiple popular attractions such as lagoons, black  sandy beaches and volcanic mountains. You will more than likely also met some  sheep crossing the road too!    Speaking of sheep, now is a great transition into the next part of our road tripping  blog:   

Driving Safely in Iceland 

If you’re coming from the U.K., remember that the driving lanes are opposite and the  steering wheels are on the left side instead. Make sure to practice driving in the  parking lot if you have to in order to adjust to the change.   

It’s also important to remember these safety rules before driving:    Follow the speed limits and road signs.   Iceland has speed limits, road signs and in a few places, toll fees, and it’s your  responsibility to abide by them. And never under any circumstances drive off the  road into the country side unless you have permission from the proper authorities.  

Be careful of high winds. 

I don’t know where you’re from, but here in Iceland, we have some kuku winds that are  strong enough to rip your vehicle door off, along with anything that might be holding  on to the door. Be careful when opening your vehicle door, opening it with a firm grip.   

Yield to the sheep 

Yes, Iceland is known for sheep and cattle freely roaming the fields. Be mindful of  your speed on the road, as you will probably need to stop for crossing animals. Don’t  worry, they’re sweet, and you can probably manage to roll your windows down and  get a selfie with one if you’re stopped!   

Be mindful of the weather. 

Besides high winds, Iceland is also known for changing weather quickly. You can be  driving on a pretty calm day and have a blizzard out of nowhere show up. When this  happens, roads become too covered in snow to drive on and visibility is impossible.  If this happens, pull over somewhere safe in your Kuku Camper Van and wait until the  snow dies down.   

Campgrounds for your Kuku Camper Van 

At the end of a long successful day of exploring, mountain climbing and hanging out  in the lagoons, nothing will feel better than pulling your kuku camper van in for the  night at a nearby camping site. Below are a few campgrounds on your routes that will  allow you to park your camper van for the night! Note, they do have a small cost for  staying per night, but it’s dollars compared to staying in a hotel!    

Þakgil Campground, South Iceland 

This campground is a favorite for many of our customers because it is right off the  South Ring Road near the little town of Vik, and is just minutes away from the beach.  Not only does it offer places for you to park your camper van for the night, it also  offers showers, laundry and wifi.   

Gesthus Campground, Southwest Iceland 

Gesthus has beautiful overnight accommodations located in the heart of the small  town Selfoss, which allows for quick access to civilization, cafes, and stores, while also  being near the Olfusa river, and right off the Ring Road.  Depending on how late your plane flies into Iceland, we recommend this campground  for your first night’s stay, as it’s less than an hour from Reykjavík, and is a great  starting point for your road trip. It also offers amenities such as restrooms, showers,  laundry rooms and wifi.