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We are here here !!

Our address is : Flatahraun 21 - 220 Hafnarfjörður

& We are open from 08:00 – 18:00 on weekdays and weekends.

Door to door with our office you can find, grocery shops like Bonus & Kronan ! They are the most popular and well stocked up chain of supermarkets.

Right next to Kronan is small and magical Bakery which has amazing freshly made sandwiches! We soooo recommend, also do not forget to buy famous Kleina and Vínarbrauð.

In case you did not stock up in duty free there is an alcohol shop next door!

How to contact contact us

  1. Amazing that our phone number is +354-415-KUKU…. We still can’t believe it ! Call us now: +354-415-5858
  2. Send an email to: bookings@kukucampers.is
  3. Message us on Facebook or Instagram

How to reach reach us

From the Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik city

We now offer a free Keflavik Shuttle Service! We do pick ups from the airport from 8 am until 6 pm. Our shuttle is at the airport every 2 hours! Remember to pre book it, just like The Blue Lagoon!

More information about the shuttle service in FAQ.

Second option would be catching a flybus! Remember to ask to get off at Viking Hotel. From that point you are around 20 – 30 minutes walk from our office, depending on wind direction of course.

From Reyjkavik City

The quickest and the best option is to get a taxi! If you would like to go on an adventure, you just need to take the bus number 1 from city centre (in the direction of: Hfj. Vellir) and get off at the bus stop called Hraunbrún.

How to get to Keflavik Airport from Kuku

You can book shuttle with us which would only cost you €35. And leaves to the airport every 2 hours between 7 am and 5 pm and it takes around 45 minutes to get to the airport. 

Or take the flybus reykjavik from BSI bust terminal! Although if you are planning to catch that private transfer from our office, then the nearest  bus stop to our office is located across from Viking Hotel.

Check the table for departure times:

Due to COVID 19, The Flybus Schedule might have changed. Click here to check the time. 

City Center ( BSI) Bust terminalHafnarfjörður est pickup time (Viking Hotel)Airport est. arrival time
04:0004:10 - 04:1504:45
04:3004:40 - 04:4505:15
05:0005:10 - 05:1505:45
05:3005:40 - 05:4506:15
06:3006:40 - 06:4507:15
07:3007:40 - 07:4508:15
08:3008:40 - 08:4509:15
09:3009:40 - 09:4510:15
10:3010:40 - 10:4511:15
11:3011:40 - 11:4512:15
12:3012:40 - 12:4513:15
13:3013:40 - 13:4514:15
14:0014:10 - 14:1514:45
14:3014:40 - 14:4515:15
15:3015:40 - 15:4516:15
16:3016:40 - 16:4517:15
18:0018:10 - 18:1518:45
20:0020:10 - 20:1520:45
21:3021:40 - 21:4522:15

If you wish to hunt the northern lights and not waste time on bus service during the night, there is an option to drop off the camper at the airport directly for €85 fee. However, you can only do it outside our office opening hours! All the necessary information will be provided to you at the office :) 

Kuku Keflavik International Airport drop off location