4.8 / 5

Natural Hot'n'Sexy

Iceland is around 103.000 km2 with only 320.000 inhabitants. This means we´ve got 3 persons per square kilometer. This might seem like a very boring fact from a very boring history show on a Canadian TV channel, but it´s not. This fact allows you to throw your clothes off and have wicked sex almost anywhere in Iceland. Behind a tree, up against a cliff, a classic three way in a hot natural stream or even under the green northern lights. Admit it, you are terribly fed up with having sex indoors in the city. Before you go off and join some crazy BDSM club to keep your life interesting, why not come to Iceland, rent our Renault KúKú, buy our sex outdoors map and get KúKú in Iceland.

P.S. This Map is not intended for gingers.