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Shuttle service

Shuttle service

From the Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik city

Due to Covid-19 and quarantine restrictions (valid until June 15th 2021) we unfortunately cannot pick our KuKu customers up at Keflavik airport as usual.

Therefore there is 2 options :)

Option 1 !

You book a nice few hour stay in a hotel in Keflavik and wait until you receive negative test result. After that we will be able to pick you up from the hotel :) during our office opening hours of course. During night we get our beauty sleep ;)

Option 2 !

Would be catching a Flybus! Remember to ask to get off at Viking Hotel. From that point you are around 20 – 30 minutes walk from our office, depending on wind direction of course. You can also grab a TAXi from the Viking Hotel to our office, which takes about 5 mintues.

P.S. Prior to your quarantine you can pick up your camper - but you are not allowed to quarantine in your camper :( - but you can drive your camper to the hotel you plan to quarantine in. 

How to get to Keflavik Airport from kuku

There is no restrictions on the shuttle service to the airport , so you can book the shuttle with us which would only cost you €35. And leaves from our office to the airport every 2 hours between 7 am and 5 pm. The ride to KEF airport takes around 45 minutes.

Or take the Flybus Reykjavik from the BSI bus terminal. If you are planning to catch the Flybus transfer from our office; the nearest Flybus stop is located across from the Viking Hotel. Find Flybus info here.