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The KúKú Crew


Viktor - Chief KúKú Officer

Viktor is like an adventure guru to all of us. Seriously, he knows Iceland like the back of his pocket. He is the one you want to ask when it comes to hiking glaciers, running marathons in highlands, or pronouncing any Icelandic word. He leads KúKú with wisdom and positivity. Badass boss.

Piotr - Peter Pan

Piotr always has your back. The man can workout for 30 days straight with a smile and still beat you at blinking competitions. He was born in Poland but we often think he comes from another super planet. Piotr is our fleet manager and knows the birthday of every single KúKú Camper.




Sandra - Wonder Woman

Sandra is the living proof that you can be super cute and still be the strongest woman around. She is ALWAYS in a good mood, and her big smile is viciously contagious. Don't mess with her, she is probably stronger than you.

Lucian - Dracula

Lucian is from Romania, which explains his fantastic sense of humor. He is the workshop manager making sure all the campers are in perfect condition year round. He can solve any problem on any car, wherever you are.

Radek - Uncle Rad

Radek is simply the nicest man on Earth. He is always eager to help and maintains campers to the top standard. We all want him as our uncle, you will understand why when you meet him.

Katarina - The Aurora Hunter

If your dream is to catch magical Northern Lights in Iceland, go talk to Katarina. She is a pro photographer who knows everything about the subtle beauty of natural wonders. You can feel it in her vibe. She will spend time giving you the best advice with the nicest voice.



Photo credits: Mink Viking Portrait


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